Inflight Coat Formula   
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We developed this formula through both extensive research into canine dietary requirements and personal experience. It is produced using all natural ingredients, processed and blended in a unique manner which allows for optimum digestibility and use by the canine system.

Inflight Coat Formula is concentrated so that only a small amount is required daily to give your dog a beautiful, healthy coat, while being balanced to prevent interference with your dog's natural well being.


Compare the amount of product you need to other supplements and you'll see how economical our product is.  In addition, Inflight Coat Formula has a proven track record of giving you the coat results you want without making your dog gain weight.


A few things that should be noted regarding this product:

  • Inflight Coat Formula (ICF) may make a dog hold it's coat through normal shedding periods.   For double coated breeds, it is recommended that you take your dog off ICF and allow the coat to shed naturally, then put your dog back on the formula. 

    During your normal grooming, when you start noticing a greater than normal amount of undercoat coming out, it's time to take the dog off the product.  From personal experience, not taking the dog off the product can lead to an extended shedding period.  

  • Do not give ICF to an animal that is in the process of blowing coat. Wait until more than 90% of the coat has shed out prior to placing the dog on the formula; otherwise your dog may slow down the shedding process and not get the dead old coat out.  

  • If you are not going to use your entire order of Inflight Coat Formula within 1 month, please seal the extra and place in your freezer. ICF may be safely frozen and will remain fresh for up to 6 months in a sealed container. Do not refrigerate ICF at any time.

  • You should always seek the advice of your veterinarian prior to supplementing your dog's diet.

  • DO NOT GIVE MORE THAN THE RECOMMENDED AMOUNT. Inflight Coat Formula is a concentrated product. Giving more than the recommended amount will not be beneficial to your dog.  

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